Larger and thicker-bodied than an American Robin

I was very fortunate to see this female Trogon near the Dam at Sabino. I have seen a male and female at Madera Canyon, but they are very rare with an estimated 200 pairs in the U.S. Click the link to see the male. This female was following a Ladderback Woodpecker, so she was always easy to locate by listening for the noisy Woodpecker calls. These photographs were taken in December 2019. 
Elegant Trogons eat mostly insects. They catch them by watching, motionless, from a perch and then quickly flying to capture their prey. They also eat figs and other fruits. You will not see a trogon at your birdfeeders, they live in sycamore and oak forests, Madera Canyon is the best place to spot a Trogon.